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Finding a spring outfit is the most difficult season to style. The reason why is because the weather is slowly changing for most of the season and it is hard to figure out if you are going to be cold or hot!

So when leaving church last Sunday I had to tell my hubby to pull over and take photos because I realized I chose the PERFECT spring outfit!

The combination is simple: BE READY FOR ANYTHING! Rain or shine, hot or cold we are READY!

The key items are the jacket and boots. Honestly, when I woke up, it was gray and there was a 50% chance of rain lol. So I chose my two items I wanted to pair and chose a simple  basic combination underneath it all – Jeans and tee.

Olive is honestly becoming a neutral in my closet, it is a must. If you don’t have it, I will link some olive jacket options below for you.

While you are waiting for floral to feel right, any type of light weight trench will serve you well during this weird transition of a season.

Thank you so much for reading about the creation of this outfit. I am so excited to help you with your closet life. Today on instagram, I will be posting my for my new series Style Replay, where I will be showing out multiple outfit ideas for just a few items! 

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