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Britani Cruz

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A style expert and wardrobe stylist specializing in women’s personal style, home decor and organizing. In my junior year of attending the University of Central Florida, I discovered I wanted to empower women to be confident inside and out by creating content, products and services to make style simple. In 2010, I birthed my first fashion blog and Youtube channel; Identity Honor Couture. There I broke down style to its lowest common denominator and made it simple for any woman to understand.

In 2011, I graduated from UCF with a degree in Communications and Marketing. To gain more experience because I had no idea what I was doing; I sought out Celebrity Stylist, Melanie Pace. Melanie quickly took me under her wing as an assistant. She was amazing!    For three fun years I assisted Melanie with various projects for Winter Park Magazine, Channel 9 News, Orlando Fashion week 2011, 2012 & 13.

With the experience it sparked the entrepreneurial part of fashion and I decided to start my own wardrobe styling company, opened an online store selling her first designed item; cell phone cases and renamed my brand to BritaniCruz.com . Through this business I have helped and encouraged young entrepreneurs for their photo shoot, new moms for the first day back at work, helped bloggers gain confidence, fitness instructors, celebrity artists for concerts and music videos, and even actresses for film festivals.

As the company and online brand grew I began to work with other budding entrepreneurs and even began public speaking in the very place my online company was birthed at UCF. Almost by accident it came full circle and I began to help other bloggers and entrepreneurs develop a personal style and better content to grow their online brand.

Now 6 years later, I am a wife and mother more passionate than ever to help all women learn how to be stylish at any age, stage of life, income level and waist size. Creating content online and providing services to make style simple is what drives me to keep moving up in the fashion industry.

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What People Say

There is no denying that Britani has a keen eye for fashion & a personality to go with it. The combination of her talent and warming character makes her rare and a complete pleasure to work with. Britani and I worked on our first project as a team for my music video “Perfect”. With only days until the shoot she nailed my vision and pulled every look together for the video.


Her expertise and knowledge accompanied with her zeal to genuinely help other people is truly refreshing in an economy where everyone seems to be out for themselves. We highly recommend Britani Marie to any person or company who even poses the question: “Do I really need a stylist?” The answer is yes!


We were able to meet at the outlets and I was impressed with how Britani was able to create the looks  I needed with in a two hour shopping limit! Her strategic planning and pure humor made shopping for three different looks in less than two hours fun!