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Creating an Epic Summer List

I don’t mean to be a dork, but I have literally been doing this since I was in fourth grade. Every June, I create my epic summer bucket list. It’s so funny because every year I thought somehow I would make it to Disney World, and now I live in Orlando and its not on my list for this year!   So, like I normally do, I began to make my Summer List. Roman, was eating breakfast at the time and he asked me, ” Mommy, what are you writing?” I told him, “Hunny, I am making my summer list […]

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Perfect Spring Outfit

  Finding a spring outfit is the most difficult season to style. The reason why is because the weather is slowly changing for most of the season and it is hard to figure out if you are going to be cold or hot! So when leaving church last Sunday I had to tell my hubby to pull over and take photos because I realized I chose the PERFECT spring outfit! The combination is simple: BE READY FOR ANYTHING! Rain or shine, hot or cold we are READY! The key items are the jacket and boots. Honestly, when I woke up, […]

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Favorite blanket, I mean sweater

January is secretly one of my favorite months when it comes to fashion. Its time to reinvent, refresh and also do whatever you want! Anybody have that item that you will wear with anything and instantly you feel cool? For some reason it is this grandma sweater. I am literally wearing it now as I am typing this post! One thing that I have changed this year when it comes to my wardrobe is that it is extremely edited. Only adding what I truly love and disposing of what I may not love anymore. I encourage you to do it […]

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Navy Romance

Fall in Florida has its perks. We have the ability to encorporate fall items and do some really snazzy things with them. I don’t even think we realize it but being able to role up those pants to show your shoes, or scrunching your sleeves or finally even unbuttoning your shirt a bit to show off those dainty necklaces; ITS A PERK! If my worship team didn’t decide to wear navy and dark green, this outfit wouldn’t have even existed. It was a shop in your closet kind of night because I didn’t realize it was Sunday the next day […]

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Cancun, Mexico

By far one of the most epic trips. We also had the most couples ever this year! Full of adventure, connection with friends and we got our first drone!

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Turks & Caicos

Every year, we take 20+ couples on a trip to rejuvenate their marriages. This is my 5th trip and we love it! It is such a joy to be able to get away with other like minded young couples and have fun!

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Houston, Texas

I travel to Houston between four to six times per year! I am usually there for a conference, which means day and night outfits! So I try to record all of my outfits because I have to get creative with packing and planning. Enjoy!

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Bahamas Cruise

Romans first cruise! If you are a new mom or new parents, I definitely recommend taking a cruise. No purse, no wallet, no cooking! Enjoy watching our first big family cruise!

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  • STYLE REPLAY | 5 Ways to Wear A Graphic Tee

Trans Am Tee - @target

1. Leopard Skirt - @cottonon 
White high top sneakers - @converse 
2. Black Mom Jeans - @target 
Double Breasted Blazer - @hm 
Black Classic Vans - @vans 
3. Flared Jeans @marshalls 
White sneakers @kennethcole 
4. Striped skinny jeans @charlotterusse 
Low top chucks  @converse 
Tan hat @forever21 #f21xme

5. Tan suede skirt - @hm 
Black hat @hm
Combat Heeled Boots @hm

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  • Our home for a few days😍😍... Nice, France you owe us nothing @janthonycruz 
#travel #travelinfluencer #travelstyle #marriottbonvoy #travelguidefrance #travelphotography #nicefrance
  • My Florida Fall Outfit worked! 86 degrees in October can really make you confused on what to wear! But this worked! 
#ootd #fashion #brunch #saturday #fun #mystyle #fallstyles #fallstyle2019 #floridastyle #orlandoblogger
  • Taking the moment to recognize my bestest friend @felichia_writes thank you for finishing! The book is here! I am so excited about this chapter and grateful to be a part! Today was beautiful! #booktour #issawholemood #yay #finishers #faith #authorssupportingauthors
  • Happy Friday Loves! Excited for the weekend...ready to plan, clean, enjoy and rest! 🙌🏾 #paris #eiffeltower #france #travel #blacktravrlguide #curlygirlmethod #franceblogger #eurotravel #fashion #ootd #vacationstyle #mystyle #mylook
  • I am about ready to end my “food vacation” for the past 3 weeks j and I just ate and slept as we pleased and funny enough we feel amazing! 😂 however I am ready to get back to intentional eating lol and getting back to my routine of intermittent fasting and keto! I took this photo of this beautiful spread of veggies in France to remind me of the feeling I had and the life we lived there! 
While in Europe J and I led a naturally healthy lifestyle, by walking everywhere, sitting and eating and really enjoyed food. 
It taught me so much and my relationship to movement and food. It taught me to sit, eat and enjoy! Everything doesn’t have to be on the go!  Regarding movement I learned we can be active by walking, biking, shopping. It doesn’t always have to be in the GYM LOL 😂 
#travel #foodie #travelandfood #fun #france #nicefrance #travelvlogger #travelblogger #travelgram #travelinfrance