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Last week my husband and I were able to explore a new city to me, Atlanta. I was extremely excited because I could finally see the leaves change during the week of Thanksgiving. This is my favorite part!

If you didn’t know I grew up in the Northwest! Washington state was my home and I enjoyed having four seasons! Now Florida does have its perks and yes, I will stay. However, I do miss it every couple of years.

Im sure our hosts in Atlanta were laughing at me talking pictures of trees on the highway! They were just so beautiful.

Okay to the outfit! This particular outfit was put together with one goal: COMFORT! I had to catch an early flight the day before Thanksgiving. This meant possible long lines and a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’.

My sweater from Charlotte Russe was the star of the show, made with Chenille. The cognac color gives me so much happiness.

My leggings were a gift from my BFF from Fashion Nova! An amazing store for quality high waisted leggings!

The Hat and Jacket were both from Forever21. The jacket actually belonged to my hubby, I just used it to cover the bum. The hat was a steal! I have been wearing it every fall since 2015! I will link items below for you to shop!

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  • So excited to do this today! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸŒ #dominicanrepublic #bavarobeach #travelgram #travelblogger #travelguide #meliacaribetropical
  • This week has been a learning experience... Learning how to relax and rest is definitely an art... something I will continue to learn throughout my 30s! 
I feel the more you rest, the more you can hear. The slower and steadier you go the easier you can edit. Choosing a good pace for life is something that I want to continue to learn to do.

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  • Current Breakfast View! #dominicanrepublic #puntacana #thelevel #marriagerejouvenation #beach #views
  • Overcame my fashion fear of my legs and wore shorts to the airport! Sometimes you can be your worst enemy and worst fashion police... take chances, have fun and when in doubt ask someone who will tell the truth! 
Btw I am so excited for the Dominican Republic this week! Be on the lookout for outfit diaries and fun stuff on stories! 😘✈️🌍 #ootd #travelootd #fashion #f21xme #puntacana #style #airportstyle #orlando #orlandoblogger #sanfordbloggef #floridastyle
  • These were the best purchase for a Floridian winter lol πŸ˜‚

#forever21 #f21xme #love #winterboots
  • Hey! I’m back! It has been such a joy being present during the holidays! I am so pumped for this next season of content! What are you all up to for the month of January? 
By the way wearing my favorite sweater and talking it about it on my blog!

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