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I don’t mean to be a dork, but I have literally been doing this since I was in fourth grade. Every June, I create my epic summer bucket list. It’s so funny because every year I thought somehow I would make it to Disney World, and now I live in Orlando and its not on my list for this year!

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So, like I normally do, I began to make my Summer List. Roman, was eating breakfast at the time and he asked me, ” Mommy, what are you writing?” I told him, “Hunny, I am making my summer list of all the things I want to do fun with you this summer!”

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He was so excited so we began to do the same for him! I asked him what crazy things does he want to do this summer. Here is his crazy list:

Roman’s Summer List

  1. Go to the pool a lot
  2. Go to Altitudes a lot
  3. Go to the Bahamas
  4. Go to Japan
  5. Have yogurt every day
  6. Go to the Zoo
  7. Start a youtube Channel
  8. Go to Jeremiahs every weekend
  9. Play Marbles
  10. Go to Universal

Not So Crazy right?

I know you are a grown up and maybe it may not seem the same because as adults we don’t get to take a 3-month break from work. However, I encourage you to make a summer wish list. What restaurants have you been dying to try? Is there a festival in your city? What city is close that people have been talking about. Add a bit of adventure and make that crazy list!

My Epic Summer List

  1. Mango Ginger Tea every night
  2. At least 3 fun brunches
  3. Check out Saint Augustine, Florida
  4. A Harry Potter Date Night with the Hubby at Universal
  5. 2 Beach Days
  6. Lots of days at Universal with the family
  7. Summer Shopping for France
  8. Lots of hot yoga
  9. Take Care of my skin
  10. Keep my house clean build good habits
  11. Sleep Routine for Roman
  12. Science Center in Orlando with Roman
  13. Orlando Eye with the family
  14. Master Pool Days with the family
  15. Host Parentals at my house
  16. Organize Romans Room
  17. Volcano Bay with a bunch of adults
  18. Host a pool day with all Romans friends
  19. Walk the Daytona Pier area
  20. Tampa Art Museum
  21. Organize my Kitchen and live to tell about it
  22. Finish Closet Project
  23. Ikea Dream Day

So now that you know all of my business, I encourage you to also create a summer list! Write it down, dream and really have fun with it. Be like a kid again and you will be surprised on what you will accomplish!

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