So…Winter is Over. On March 20th, it marked the first day of Spring however, in so many places in the world it is STILL freezing. So, for me, its not Spring until April 1st! For my last week of Winter I will be celebrating all of my favorite items in my closet. I was so honored to wear these items during the cold times in Florida.

Although I am so excited about Spring, there is just SOMETHING about Fall/Winter that gets my fashion bug going…so it will be hard to let go. This winter in fashion was so EPIC, but there are some major items that I had to have during my colder season.


Early this year, to celebrate the new year with my Son; my husband and I  decided to take him to Universal. Unfortunately, we were not prepared for the cold front that was going to happen! So we had to buy warm clothes and found ourselves at TJ MAXX! There I was able to find everything I needed for the whole family and right before we walked to the register I found this amazing blanket scarf!


It is so funny how one item can make your closet for the season, but that is exactly what it did! From that day on and in just 12 short weeks, that scarf went to: Universal Studios Orlando, Cancun, Houston and Detroit and back to Orlando again.

This outfit turned out to be one of my favorites this winter, I put it together last minute and also a bit selfishly; I just wanted to be comfortable. The leggings from Zara were perfect for the weather and fit amazing. They held “everything ” in if you know what I mean. At first the outfit began with just all black, but it became so much more by breaking up the black with the khacki vest and the gray boots from Zara. I guess my thought process was these boots will not be worn any time but today because Florida is beginning to get hot again lol.

Outfit Details:

Leggings | Zara

Sweater | H&M

Khaki Vest | White House Black Market

Scarf | TJ Maxx

Boots | Zara

Purse | Rebecca Minkoff