SO…I was in that mood again. The one where I cannot make up my mind on how to wear one simple skirt! But, it did turn out great in the end…now you get a double feature! lol get it? double feature? Anyways, over the weekend I was able to get a few shoots in for the gram, so I thought I should post it on my blog.


Let’s start with this amazing black denim skirt I picked up from H&M. First of all I had to get the skirt 3 sizes too big. Which is an amazing style and shopping tip for everyone out there in the world. Try on everything, make sure to try a size up or even 3 sizes up until it fits you right. Now a days all retailers size differently. Don’t make your size your identity.

Okay, about the skirt. IT IS AMAZING! I have already worn it at least 4 times this Spring/Summer and in so many ways. The Cross Split in the front and the frayed hem really update the look, but the washed black color really brings it back to when it was in in the 90’s. LOVE IT!


The first way I paired it was with a stripped off the shoulder body suit. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but I was HOT just using my energy to put it on. I felt a little constricted because of the temperatures in Florida that day. Once I saw the final shots, I realized I accomplished my look, but the way I felt during the actual shoot was AWEFUL :(. I also found these perfect Dolce Vita sandals deep in my closet. I love it because the cognac color on the bottom really matched my bag.


The second look was more my speed. The muscle tee, is actually more of a yoga shirt. I purchased it from the athletic section in Marshall’s. It is very drape, but it has extremely breathable material. After I tried it on, I realized quickly that it fit too perfectly in my daily wear-drobe so I will NOT be wearing this one to the gym! I paired the outfit with my simple black mules from Target and tied a leopard print scarf around my purse to add some color. Overall it was an easy breezy look.


I was able to find all the items down below! Enjoy! If you re-create this simple look make sure to tag me in Instagram!